Newborn session

The most suitable period is when the baby is between 6 and 15 days old and it it best to book the session when you are still pregnant.

A newborn photoshoot is made when the baby is up to 21 days old. The most suitable period is when the baby is between 6 and 15 days old. During this period, babies sleep easily for longer periods and still has a lot of flexibility, so they feel comfortable in poses that refer to the way they used to be when they were in the mother's belly.
As babies grow, they develop strength in their arms and legs and lose the flexibility they used to have. They may also have a little colic, as their digestive tract is adapting to the milk and the air that it sometimes swallows while nursing and which causes gas.
So, for the session to be done quicker and smoother, the younger the better.
To make this type of photography, it is very important that the professional knows about the baby's physiology and how to deal with it, always respecting safety and hygiene standards.
The baby's safety, comfort and well-being must always come first. Way before the beautiful photo!
Make sure the photographer you choose to do this type of shoot has taken specific courses in caring for your baby safely and has some experience. It is also very important that the environment where the session will take place is clean and at the ideal temperature for the newborn.

For the best use of the session, the baby should fall asleep soundly. We advise that babies are fed 30 minutes before arriving at the studio, so they have time to calm down and go back to sleep on the way to the studio. Once you arrive, I will take care of your baby and you can relax on the sofa.


“Amazing experience, beautiful photos and the girls were excellent with baby madison, highly recommend!”



• Clothing for the session

We have all the clothes and accessories for newborns. For parents and siblings, we recommend clothes without prints (light colours).

• Use of a pacifier

• Some parents choose not to use a pacifier and we respect each one's choice. But we inform you that the use of a pacifier helps to ease the sucking reflex of babies, leaving them calmer during the session. Therefore, whenever possible, we ask parents to bring a pacifier.

• Studio temperature

Our studio is heated so your baby is comfortable with or without clothes. That's why we advise parents to put lighter clothes on the baby so they don't feel hot during a session.

• Intervals for feeding and diaper changes

The baby always comes first. Therefore, whenever necessary, we take breaks for feedings and diaper changes.

• Session duration

The duration of the session depends on the baby, because whenever necessary, we take breaks. But the session lasts an average of 2 hours.

• Photos of parents and siblings

The photos with family members are usually taken at the beginning of the session, so afterwards the siblings are free and we can continue photographing the new baby with more peace of mind.